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Karma sucks

You know, I’m not a believer of any religion or such ideologies but this weekend I learned it the hard way. I had been seeing the coolest, hottest (not fit but hot) guy in years, we dated twice and fucked twice, it was all going good but all of a sudden he just started ignoring my messages, I know that because I could see his last connection. So this last weekend I wanted to see him like the previous four, but it just didn’t happen. I invited him out, he just gave an excuse and spent all day on Grindr (am I that stalker?). I just wanted to tell him how much I like him because when we went out before he would say he liked me and hold my hand carefully, touch my face while in the car, anyways, I had to tell him so I sent him a message telling him my feelings…what happened next? All he said was “How sweet Ivan :)”.
I don’t really know what I was expecting he would say, but my friends tell me he “friendzoned” me…
I think this is karma slapping on my face because I’ve done this to other guys before, but I didn’t like them at all, this guy showed interest from the very beginning and suddenly he turned into a selfish and rude boy to me. It hurts.
I choose to focus on my training trying to forget about this episode and tell myself it was kind and sweet (not to mention the best sex I’ve had in years) moment and maybe we’ll go across each other’s path in the future and he’ll say “damn why did I let him go”.

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